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The Border Collie and the Wolf

Once a woman and her Border Collie lived in a cozy country home. One snowy winter's late evening, the Border Collie was chasing a rabbit for fun. Although she was suppose to stay home, the dog managed to slip out. With being an intelligent breed, she did it while her Guardian was out visiting relatives. While on the chase, the dog was having too much fun and did not take notice to an old dry broken well and tripped into it. The well was too high to jump out and the Border Collie was trapped. She barked for help but no one came. It began to snow again and the dog feared she would freeze.

An hour later, an old wolf came prowling by. The Border Collie pleaded to the predator, "Cousin Wolf. I fell in the well. Would you please help me get out!"

The wolf stopped, peered down at the dog and asked, "That depends. Are there any sheep or fawns trapped with you?"

"Only myself Cousin Wolf." Was her reply.

"Then your no concern to me!" Snarled the wolf, "So why should I aid you?"

The Border Collie barked, "Because if you help me, I will show you a place where you can satisfy your appetite with all the delicious food you can imagine!"

The hungry wolf licked his muzzle. "Is that a promise?"

The dog replied, "I promise that you will never go hungry again!"

The old wolf was famished after another long unsuccessful hunt so he quickly agreed.

The Border Collie suggested to the wolf to go to a nearby tree, that had a fallen large broken branch next to it. He left the worried dog waiting for several minutes. After that the wolf returned dragging the large branch. He then took one end with his large teeth and lowered the limb into the well. The Border Collie bit on the other end of the long limb and the wolf pulled her out, thus regaining her freedom.

"Thank you." The dog said gratefully.

"You can show your gratitude by keeping your word." Panted the wolf.

"Of course. Right this way Cousin Wolf." Said she.

So the Border Collie led the wolf to her yard. The wolf was hesitant about being so close to people but the dog assured the wolf as she quietly closed the gate and it's latch, "My human guardian is far from home. It is quite safe here."

So the two animals went through a pet flap in front of the house. The front of the house had an addition built that was turned into a gourmet pet food shop for canines. This was the dog's guardian's business. The wolf could not believe his eyes! There were diced meats and treats. Beef, chicken, ham, lamb and turkey all prepared by the dog's owner. The wolf didn't think twice and began devouring everything in the shop! The Border Collie watched as the glutton ate to his heart's content.

After finishing off virtually everything, the wolf was finally satiated and quite fat. He tried to leave as he came, but because of his overindulgence, he could no longer fit through the pet flap.

The wolf turned to the Border Collie and howled, "I cannot get through. I am going to be discovered by the human!"

The dog just smiled at him. "Trickery!" Grumbled the wolf, "That is what you meant when you promised I would never go hungry again. I will be killed on sight."

The dog shook her head, "Please calm yourself Cousin Wolf. I will help you. Since you're too big to exit where we have entered, the only other opening large enough for your escape is a wide window right by my Guardian's bed. You have to climb the bed to reach it. Please follow me Cousin Wolf."

The door to the living quarters was unlocked and easily opened by the clever collie.

So the well fed wolf followed the Border Collie into her Guardian's bedroom. The dog jumped on the bed and lifted the large window's latch with her nose.

She then jumped down to the wolf and said, "You can depart by pushing the windows open. But lie hidden in the bed so not to reveal yourself just yet. First I will check for my Guardian and other people to make certain you will have a clear passing."

The wolf did as the dog instructed as the dog pulled one of the bed's blankets completely over him.

The Border Collie left the room, peeked her head through the pet flap and waited. A few moments later the dog spotted her Guardian parking her car.

The dog returned to the bedroom to check in on the wolf. But the glutton's hearty feast had taken hold. For as soon as he lay himself in the warm soft bed, he quickly dozed off. Just as the Border Collie had predicted. She knew the wolf being so full and satisfied would not resist taking a nap on her Guardian's bed. And the dog was right for the wolf was now snoring away.

The Border Collie then greeted her Guardian who was in shock of her empty shop. "What happened?" Asked the woman to her dog, "You couldn't of possibly have eaten all the cuisines and biscuits? I'm going to make sure the flap is pet locked for now on, even the gate will be under lock and key."

The Border Collie lowered her head with hearing that. "No more secret adventures for me." The dog whimpered.

The woman then heard the snores. "What's that noise?" She asked her Border Collie. The dog led her Guardian to the bed.

The woman was astonished when she lifted the blanket, revealing the sleeping wolf. Now most humans would of jumped out of their skin to see a large wolf in their bed. But the dog's Guardian was not afraid.

She noticed the wolf's big belly and said, "So you're the one that ate a week's worth salary." She faced her beloved dog, "What do you think I should do with this burglar?"

The Border Collie nudged her Guardian's hand looking up intently at her. The woman looked at the frost covered window. She took noticed that the old wolf had his head on her pillow.

The woman said to her Border Collie, "You're right. It's time that he's finally taken care of."

She leaned over the wolf and.. tucked him in with the blankets, "Literally." She said to her happy collie.  

The woman sat next to the wolf. She stroked his fur and spoke softly to the animal, "It's a tough world out there. I bet you never felt so comfortable in your life as you do right now. We would be happy to share our home with you."

The wolf drowsily half opened his yellow eyes and saw the woman and felt her petting his head.

"A person is caressing my fur and talking nicely to me?" Thought he, "An unusual, wonderful dream. I better close my eyes before I wake up."

And the contented wolf sighed as he fell deeply asleep. The Border Collie lay right by her Guardian's feet. Pleased of the outcome.

The next morning, the wolf awoke. After a good stretch he realized that he slept the whole night through.

"Good morning Brother Wolf," Said the Border Collie, "You look well rested."

"Did your person truly find me and treated me with kindness? I did not dream it?" Asked the wolf.

"Indeed." Replied the dog, "Our Guardian took notice of you and pampered you. It was not a dream."

The wolf grinned at the dog, "OUR Guardian?" He questioned.

The Border Collie nodded, "She wants you to stay with us, as do I." The wolf had no objection to this request for he had no desire to leave this haven.

Their Guardian came into the room, greeted the dog and smiled at the yawning wolf,

"Good morning sleepy head." The woman said sweetly, "Looks like someone loves my bed just as much as my cooking."

She scratched behind the wolf's ears which made him grunt happily and he licked her hand. The wolf surprised himself with doing that action more then their Guardian.

The woman laughed, "Your welcome. Please get more acquainted with your other house mate while I go into the shop and make an order to restock more food." She paused for a moment looked at the wolf again and laughed, "On second thought, I better order twice the amount." And she left the room.  

The puzzled wolf tilted his head at the collie.

"What is on your mind Brother Wolf?"

"Sister Dog. You planned this to happen. Why.. would you do this for me?" Asked the wolf.

The Border Collie rested her front paws on the rim of the bed and replied, "My breed is known for being clever. Although I'm cunning, I am a dog. And one important rule my kind always follow: Dogs are always devoted and thankful to those who help us."

The wolf put a paw over the Border Collie's and said happily, "That rule also applies to wolves now."  

Both canines wagged their bushy tails. The Border Collie winked at the wolf and barked, "I told you that you would never go hungry again!"
Fun tales inspired by Grimm Fox and the Wolf and Aesop's Dog and the Wolf. Not one of the best but it was in my head for a while and I typed away.
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Noratcat Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2011
Well this was a nice story. I much rather enjoyed it. I'm glad something worked out for a wolf in the end. They get a bad rep. That and the dog and wolf found friendship. Or maybe it will turn into more? I'm just thinking that the human could one day have wolf dogs guarding her store lol.

Sorry I just have babies on the brain. Although it can make you think can't it?

Good job ^^
GDeNofa Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2011
Yeah I thought of them becoming mates. Thanks. Tired of wolves getting the short end of the stick all the time you know.
Noratcat Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2011
Well it may happen. you know I wonder if the wolf from the wolf and the fox (at least in your story) would get a mate. I mean picture it like perhaps he meets a border collie lol. Either close to town or in a situation like his, ie she needs a place to stay.

Although I wonder what she would be like? Maybe like him? Thinking with her stomach lol? Then there is the subject matter of children. I could picture Wolf being like a dad, teaching his children the tricks of the trade lol.

Sorry You just got me thinking and I was trying to share. I hope you don't mind.
GDeNofa Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2011
Not at all. Imagination keeps us writing. :)
Noratcat Featured By Owner Jan 20, 2011
Ah so honestly what kind of girl should the border collie be in personality? In your opinion.
bassclarineko Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2009  Hobbyist Digital Artist
GDeNofa Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2009
(takes a bow)

Thankies (-:
julayla Featured By Owner Sep 11, 2009  Hobbyist
Awww, such a nice end there. I read through the other fics, and they're real good. And this fic's end tops it as well.
GDeNofa Featured By Owner Sep 13, 2009
Thanks Julayla. I didn't think this one was that good as the others but maybe I need to give myself some more credit. (-;
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